I’ll be there, next to Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis, Bill Mudron, and a bunch of other lovely miscreants.  Look for the mutant claw hand!  Actually I’ll be wearing a blue plastic brace that is really quite unattractive but tell me it’s pretty anyway.

There will be a new collection of Meen in mini-comics form, all the Opera comics collected into a handy volume, and an early story starring somebody who may or may not be Dewey! Also pins!  And magnets!  And hand-silkscreened shopping bags!  And ME!  Doing you a comissioned drawing of your choice to be delivered a bit later, or a quick sketch of a subject of MY choice right there!  Isn’t this EXCITING??

Plus a bunch of nice prints by Terri Nelson!  You will like them!  Oh my god I’m hyperventilating.