So I saw this in Whole Foods in the Pearl last week.  This is just a one-off to let you guys know that the strips themselves should be starting back up next week, with my same kind of erratic scheduling.

(Also I just realized- the section I have on this site called Portlandia is not named after that show- it was named that a long time ago.  “Portlandia” is the name of the big kind of ugly copper sculpture of a woman with a giant fork or something, squatting on a building downtown here.  This has been your Portland trivia moment for the day.)

Also also, I know that the comic is showing up twice, I’m sorry, ComicPress needs to be taken out to the back pasture and put down in a gentle and humane way.   I have been promised that the double posting will be fixed by the software engineer I live with, sometime.  Maybe.